Preschool Program Objectives

  • Trinomial cube workTo help the student to be a confident, active learner.
  • To assist the student to develop a strong sense of self and a natural love of learning that will last thoughout his or her life.
  • To develop adaptability, independence and creativity in learning and living
  • To acquire the fundamental skills needed to communicate, through words, and symbols.
  • To allow the student to enjoy and gain satisfaction from sharing forms of artistic expression
  • Create an environment in which children respect the similarities and differences of others, feel a responsibility to others, while respecting their own individuality.
  • To provide opportunities for children to develop strong bodies and healthy living habits.

All of this takes place in a carefully "prepared environment" and under the observation of qualified, accredited Montessori teachers. Students are encouraged to choose independently and with freedom of choice within limits. The beautiful, sequenced, self- correcting learning materials encourage independence and build the children’s self-esteem and confidence. Students become active participants in their family and, eventually, society.